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Life Is Great When You're All Chibi! by Triskata
Dream Team 2017 by Estrella-Angel
New Dream team 2016 by Estrella-Angel
the Dream Team 2015 by Estrella-Angel
The Team
(DT) Chickadee Application V2 by LadyTrSharon
YJ: Lady Tesla by Kaitie1543
Finally by KoalaOShiz
DCOC - Giantess Profile by Skele
DT Angel AU: Stolen Sword by nightchyrsanthemum
Angel AU: Reassuring words by Estrella-Angel
Angel AU: Trouble makers by Estrella-Angel
Angel AU: Ayasha and Serena by Estrella-Angel
C: Helena and Billy by SpiretDoom
Goddess AU: Helena: Goddess of hunting(? by Malidunn
Angel AU: Trouble makers by Estrella-Angel
Angel AU: Helena - The Fallen Angel by Malidunn
DC DNA: TV Time by MistressTerrible
PC: Charm intro by android-zura
::COMM:: Ryder by QueensNebula
DC Superhero Girls: Charm by MistressTerrible
(DT) Chickadee Application v1 by LadyTrSharon
(DT) Chickadee Application V2 by LadyTrSharon
CM: Elena Audrey Nightray [Clothes Design] by ChocoBerryINK
DTSS: Christmas in Mt. Justice by whitefire33
Angel!AU: Bella, Angel of War by Triskata
CCM: Triskata by Hikkine
Comm: Bella And Jason by SpiretDoom
Corvus // Temporary Feathers by Triskata
DT Angel AU: Brooklyn, the Weeping Angel by anakluxmos
YOI AU: Ombra mai fu by anakluxmos
YOI AU: Still Alive by anakluxmos
Look how they shine for you by anakluxmos
.:Electra - Angel Au:. by Fire-Essence
.:DTMC - Teen Titan:. by Fire-Essence
.:Magical Girls AU - Electra:. by Fire-Essence
.:GENDERBEND!Skyler - Electro:. by Fire-Essence
Angel AU: Serenity, Angel of Imagination by Zinniia
Chibi Pixel: Fantasia by Estrella-Angel
DT SS 2016: Open Me by Rawwwrchel
Fantasia ~ Headshot #7 by KalonAngelos
Intro Animation: Flechette by Estrella-Angel
Goddess AU: Gabriella, Goddess of Strength by Skele
[YJ] Gift: Civvies Friends by AliceItim
Goddess AU: Julia, Goddess of Stars by Kiwisan13
Angel AU: Demetria, Angel of the Light by CrimsonRobin
Dream Team AU: Carmen, Angel of Thunder by lauka2
Lady Tesla
Goddess AU: Goddess of Thunder by Kaitie1543
Angel AU: Angel Of The Sands by Adraowen
Goddess AU: Kayanna, Goddess of the Seas and Water by Rawwwrchel
Goddess AU: Goddess of the Underwolrd by xDarkHikarix
Goddess AU: Pasliea, Goddess of the Earth by Duchess-Pastel
DT AU: Primerose, Angel of Warmth and Family by KoalaOShiz
Onyx Martini by dragon-fluff
Gift: Rabia Poster by xDarkHikarix
Red Falcon
Goddess AU: Goddess of Blood by JennyMarionette
DT Angel AU: Stolen Sword by nightchyrsanthemum
Gift: Snowflake Poster 2.0 by xDarkHikarix
Chibi Pixel: Sparrow by Estrella-Angel
don't we have an army to stop? by android-zura
DT Application- Stardust by GothamTaco
Goddess AU: Elena the Goddess of Judgment by whitefire33
Magical girl AU: Valor by Awkward-Nerdd
. Monthly Challenges .
Meet Your Match by Estrella-Angel
. Collabs .
Collab: Next Generation by Estrella-Angel
. Secret Santa .
SS: Blaze It by Triskata
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Gift: Snowflake Poster 2.0 by xDarkHikarix
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DT Power card: Buzzard by Malidunn
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NG: Jake Wardrobe by Estrella-Angel

Dream Team

Welcome to the Dream Team!

This is a group for all the kick ass female OC's of the DC universe fan base.
We're here to support and appreciate well thought out female characters and show what its like to have real girl power!
For any kind of DC media. Live action movies, Comics, Tv series, ect (But we're mostly YJ!).

Do you want to join?:
Then please, read our rules and see if you're eligible!

Link us your OC and we'll check them out and then make a new folder for them.
Then you're free to submit all the arts made of them into there,
(including art thats not drawn by you)



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Bllom100 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
i need help to make pic of my oc can someone do for me please? 
(1 Reply)
party-hadie Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
so I got a question for you all, how many total oc characters are in this group. ive been trying to keep track but some how I always forget 1 or 2, can anyone help in this, id really appreciate it
(1 Reply)
Fire-Essence Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I feel like there should be an AU folder, since everyone is doing the magical girls AU XD
Fire-Essence Featured By Owner Edited Dec 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys
I might be on a long hiatus until easter
I might not be online to that time. I'm grounded so I'm going to be inactive in the group for that time
But I doubt my parents will keep it that long
xYamiNoMorix Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016  Student Artist
So I'm very much hoping this is real about Young Justice, I watch this page and I assumed you all would love to know!…
(1 Reply)
Enthaga Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016
I had a question about whether or not it was okay to resubmit a profile once its been edited? I realize I may have submitted my OC's new 52 version instead of her YJ adaptation. 
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ClockworkTurtle Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry to be a bother but I requested back in May for my OC to join but I never go a respond/feed back so i dunnooooooooo
(I'm very sorry if i'm a bother tho >.<)
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BeNic14 Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Hobbyist
Hey heys, wanted to show you all Elementress. Here's my folder with all her stuff in it…
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otakumaidenofkonoha Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
May i ask for a folder on Xzhander Arnstrong
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SpiretDoom Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey~ I'm a little nervous to ask (mostly because I don't know if Flechette is ready though I thought I might as well give it shot) but may I join with Flechette?

bio: X X

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